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What is the size and how much does a Hockey Puck weigh?
Are hockey pucks frozen?
Floor Hockey Puck Options

The origin of the word puck is obscure. The Oxford English Dictionary suggests the name is related to the verb to puck (a cognate of poke) used in the game of hurling for striking or pushing the ball, from the Scottish Gaelic puc or the Irish poc, meaning "to poke, punch or deliver a blow. Hockey Pucks are kept in a freezer to keep them from being too bouncy and the reason Hockey Pucks are black is that’s the color of the galvanized rubber they are made from and the black stands out from the white ice. 토토게임

What is the size and how much does a Hockey Puck weigh?

A regulation hockey puck is composed of vulcanized rubber and is black in color. A hockey puck dimensions: a hockey puck is one inch (25 mm) thick, and three inches (76mm) in diameter. A hockey puck weighs between 5.5 and 6 ounces (156 and 170g). Younger teams sometimes play with a lighter puck (4 ounces). A puck is sometimes referred to as a “biscuit.” Putting the biscuit in the basket is an example of hockey lingo used by some players.

Are hockey pucks frozen?

Hockey pucks are frozen prior to games to minimize bouncing during gameplay.

Floor Hockey Puck Options

Rainbow PowerPlay Plastic Pucks. Our plastic pucks are our most basic, entry-level pucks. Rainbow colors help with class organization and drills. For example, students with yellow pucks can practice slap shots. 2-3/4" dia.

  • Shield Soft Shot Vinyl Pucks. Pucks have soft vinyl strings that sting less if/when contact is made between the puck and players. A hollow core also helps make this the softest puck we have. 2-3/4" dia.
  • PowerPlay PVC Pucks. More durable than entry-level plastic thanks to a thicker wall and more weight. Plastic pucks will handle heavier use and play far better than other plastic options. 2-3/4" dia.
  • DOM SuperSafe Foam Pucks. Make for better stick-to-puck contact. A tough outer skin covers a foam core, yet remains incredibly soft and friendly, eliminating the chance for injuries if it hits a student. Contoured edges help reduce wind drag during play. 4" dia. Color varies.
  • FeltSlider Puck. Have a unique glide across the floor, especially compared to the others in our selection. It will play most similarly to an ice hockey puck. 3" dia.
  • Shield Hex Vinyl Pucks. Flexible, durable vinyl puck has a plastic skid plate for a smoother, faster glide. 3" dia.
  • Shield Beanbag Pucks. Durable double-backed nylon cover with beanbag filling glides smoothly on indoor surfaces. 3" dia.
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