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Diving (sport)

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Diving is a water sport in which the strength, flexibility, and acrobatic skills of an individual get exercised. In this sport, the diver has to jump from a springboard that is situated at a certain height. When the player is in the air, he has to perform some acrobatic skill before diving in the swimming pool. As it requires acrobatic skill performance with a touch of gymnastic dance, hence often the diving players are dancers too. The objective here is to jump from a prescribed height into the swimming pool from a springboard. While being in the air, you have to perform various acrobatic body movements. More the movements of the body done, more points you can fetch. This sport is played under men and women category.

Diving is a popular water sport that is practiced in different forms around the world. On the face of it, diving is one of the simplest sports in the world, requiring participants to simply dive off a platform or springboard into water, performing acrobatics to get the most points from judges. However, behind this apparent simplicity is a sport that is far more complex and difficult than it may first seem and one that requires complete dedication and commitment from anyone who wants to make it to the top.

Apart from a diving board and swimming costumes, no special equipment is needed for diving apart from a diving board or a series of diving boards if competing. At the end of the competition, 토토  the competitor (or pair of competitors if a pairs competition) that have the highest scores are the winner of the competition. The rule of diving a relatively straightforward, but differ slightly between the two main disciplines, springboard diving and platform diving.

Most of the traces of this sport were found to be in England during 1880’s.  Apart from sport category, it was a favourite pass time for the ancient people. It is the English Armature swimming association which started the plunging championship in 1883. During the early 19th century, Sweden and Germany used to play this sport as a popular gymnasium category.

With the slow evolution and popularity of this sport, many variants such as Fancy diving and Plain diving started to evolve. Gradually jumping from height also gets popularity and first of such type of event was organised in 1893 in Highgate ponds. In 1904, plain diving was introduced into the Olympics whereas fancy diving was introduced in 1908’s London Olympic Games.

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