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Best Badugi Poker - Guide

Badugi Poker is also known as Asian Poker. With this form of poker, you have to have the lowest Badugi. Originated in Korea, Badugi is played like Triple draw where the focus is on the best low hand rather than the best high hand in regards to how a hand is won. Like its standard poker cousin, rules and structure of the game are almost identical (like getting 3 draws) with the exception that a hand consists of four cards instead of the traditional five.

Badugi refers to a hand that there are no two cards the same suit or the same value. Only the card of the lowest value is saved in your hand if there is more than one card of the same suit. This is how a hand becomes a one, two or 3-card hand. There are three different forms of betting. There is the Limit, Pot Limit and Half Pot Limit form of this game.

How to play Badugi Poker?

Badugi poker, also known as Padooki poker, is said to have been originated in Asia. Even though it can be played as a no limit or a pot limit game, the most common variant of Badugi poker uses a limit game. If you’re wondering how to play Badugi poker, be rest assured that it is really easy to master. The strategies and rules are quite similar to a normal game of poker. All you need to do is understand the subtleties and variations in the gameplay and the rules. Badugi poker is considered to be a four card game where players need to have the lowest Badugi, 토토 a hand where no cards have the same suit or the same value. If you get two or more cards from the same suit or the same value, the one with the lowest value is kept and the others are discarded. As a result, your hand might transform into a 1 card hand as well.

Badugi Strategies

Here are a few strategies to help you out with Badugi poker.

– Your starting hand selection is extremely important. Chasing the game is extremely difficult and expensive in Badugi poker.

– A completed Badugi is always known to be more valuable than a one card draw.

– Try to complete your entire hand as early as possible, even if your lower ranking hands need to suffer.

– If you complete your Badugi before everyone else, consider escalating the bet size to increase the pot value.

– Be extremely careful while changing the high value cards in your Badugi as the card that you receive in the draw might just ruin your entire game.

Badugi Poker is a fast-paced game sought out by players at various gaming sites and land-based poker rooms around the globe. Not only do they seek the thrill of a four card game of poker, but they also enjoy the interesting aspect of creating the lowest possible hand of poker, which is different to what they’ve gotten used to doing while playing more popular variants of poker like Texas Hold’em where the goal is to create the highest hand. As you improve your Badugi Poker skills and move on to a more advanced level, you will learn how to bluff more successfully and implement pro strategies.

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